Harnessing The Planet's Primary Producers

Harnessing The Planet's Primary Producers

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What We Do

We get microalgae to do what they've been doing for over 2.5 billion years, faster, more efficiently, and with greater environmental, social and economic benefits for humankind.

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Who We Are

We are a vertically-integrated producer of non-fuel high value products from microalgae; what does this really mean?

We take microalgae, better known as pond scum, the stuff that mucks up your pool when the chlorine runs out, and we make valuable products from them. We select the right strain, cultivate them in the lab, grow at commercial scale in our patented Photobioreactor (PBR), harvest the biomass, extract high value products, and market and sell these products.

Ever heard of Astaxanthin, Omega Oils, DHA, EPA, Carrageenan, Agar, Spirulina or Chlorella?

All algal products!

Microalgae are ubiquitous, versatile and contribute enormous value to Earth's ecosystems; they truly are the Planet's Primary Producers. Our patented Vertical Growth Module (VGM*) technology harnesses these micro-powerhouses of primary production, allowing us to cultivate them at scale and extract valuable products from them, with minimum marginal land requirements, low energy inputs, high water efficiency, low operating costs and extremely high quality.


AlgEternal Technologies is vertically integrated around its patented technology for growing microalgae at scale. Operating as a Conscious Capitalism Company, focused on demonstrating the application of microalgae to solving significant human challenges such as: sustainable agriculture; water, air and soil pollution; and climate change. AlgEternal believes that the algae industry is critical to sustainable, ecocentric, circular economic activity while keeping planet Earth hospitable to humans.


“AlgEternal Technologies, LLC will reduce human dependence on fossil hydrocarbons and create sustainable economic activity resulting in a healthier planet and improved quality of life for all, by harnessing the power of the PLANET’S PRIMARY PRODUCERS—ALGAE”


“AlgEternal Technologies, LLC will systematically apply microalgae as THE SUSTAINABLE INTEGRATED SOLUTION to the major existing and emerging issues facing our species, faster, more efficiently, and with greater environmental, social, and economic benefits”

MOTTO: “Harnessing the Planet’s Primary Producers”

“Getting microalgae to do what they’ve been doing for over 2.5 billion years, faster, more efficiently, with greater environmental, social, and economic benefits for humankind”

1- Strain Selection

AlgEternal selects strains that have optimal traits for the desired product.  Selecting the right algal strain means the difference between success and failure for achieving the desired outcome for either product or service from the microalgae. AlgEternal recognizes that because microalgae are ubiquitous on the planet and their ecology is extremely diverse, we may find solutions to many human problems in these organisms’ natural biological mechanisms and products.

4- Harvesting biomass (OriginClear* harvester)

Decades of research on algae have identified “dewatering” of microalgae to be a critical constraint; no matter how dense you believe your culture to be, it is never more than 5-15% solids.  Getting your algae out of water can be the most time-consuming and costly aspect of production.  Our OriginClear technology effectively resolves this obstacle to commercial-scale production.

2- Laboratory-Scale Cultivation (Bench-scale VGM*)

AlgEternal focuses on first being able to cultivate selected microalgae strains in the laboratory.  The lab is where we perfect our understanding of the organisms’ life cycles, preferred environmental conditions, and optimal growth parameters.  We then take the lessons learned in the lab and scale them up to commercial production.

5- Commercial-Scale Extraction of High-value products

AlgEternal assesses commercial scale methods using mainstream technologies for extraction of desired products from algal biomass.  Our business model relies upon our ability to find existing technologies in other industries that can be easily applied to the microalgae biotechnology industry.  Our philosophy remains “Keep It Simple”, rather than pursue esoteric and novel methods unless absolutely necessary.  Innovation and Adaptation serve as the foundation for our commercial operations.

3- Commercial-Scale Cultivation VGM*

AlgEternal’s Crown Jewel, the patented Vertical Growth Module, allows us to produce microalgae, faster, cheaper, cleaner, and with fewer culture crashes than any other growth platform.  Not pursuing biofuels, our economic feasibility relies on much higher value products.  Commercial-scale cultivation remains perhaps the single greatest rate-determining step for any successful algae biotechnology company.  We have solved that problem and continue to improve our vanguard VGM technology.  No one else has our VGM.

6- Market to industry segments: Agro, Cosmetics, Nutritional

What’s the use of a product that has no market? Agtivate, our all-natural living microalgae-based soil amendment supplies an agriculture market that is projected to grow and increasingly demand natural soil stimulants. The skin care market for AlgAllure remains a vibrant and growing economic space with growing demands for natural skin therapies such as algal extracts. We build our sales and marketing strategies on independent scientific data and live testing that validate our products’ performance and efficacy and leverages multiple social media platforms and online presence to reach an increasingly aware consumer base.

The Future of Microalgae: Beyond Products to Real-World Applications

Our Core Values

The essence of AlgEternal’s identity


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability to our investors, clients, partners and the public.


We advocate for and practice best sustainable practices in all our operations.


We practice generosity as a company and as individuals through the principles of Conscious Capitalism to elevate humanity.


We aim to provide the best service to our partners, clients, and the public.


No one works alone in our team; we share equally in the victories and the defeats.


Mimicking nature we find strength and resilience in diversity.


We apply creativity where science and technology are not enough.


We will be focused, determined and persistent in achieving our goals.


We will use disruption to drive growth in technology and processes, and create new markets.


Excellence shall be the hallmark of our technology, products and services.

Meet Our Team