Harnessing The Planet's Primary Producers



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What We Do

We get microalgae to do what they've been doing for over 2.5 billion years, faster, more efficiently, and with greater environmental, social and economic benefits for humankind.

Who We Are

We are a vertically-integrated producer of non-fuel high value products from microalgae; what does this really mean?

We take microalgae, better known as pond scum, the stuff that mucks up your pool when the chlorine runs out, and we make valuable products from them. We select the right strain, cultivate them in the lab, grow at commercial scale in our patented Photobioreactor (PBR), harvest the biomass, extract high value products, and market and sell these products.

Ever heard of Astaxanthin, Omega Oils, DHA, EPA, Carrageenan, Agar, Spirulina or Chlorella?

All algal products!

Microalgae are ubiquitous, versatile and contribute enormous value to Earth's ecosystems; they truly are the Planet's Primary Producers. Our patented Vertical Growth Module (VGM*) technology harnesses these micro-powerhouses of primary production, allowing us to cultivate them at scale and extract valuable products from them, with minimum marginal land requirements, low energy inputs, high water efficiency, low operating costs and extremely high quality.

Our Vision

AlgEternal Technologies LLC will reduce human dependence on petroleum hydrocarbons and create sustainable economic activity resulting in a healthier planet and improved quality of life for all, by harnessing the power of the Planet’s Primary Producers—ALGAE.

Our Mission

AlgEternal Technologies LLC will systematically apply microalgae as the sustainable, integrated solution to the major existing and emerging issues facing our species, faster, more efficiently, and with greater environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Point to Ponder

``We must alter our production and consumption habits or we will exhaust the very things we need for our survival: food; air; water; energy; and we will make the Earth very inhospitable to us. It’s very anthropocentric of us to think that we can save the planet, or even that the planet needs us to save it; it would be more accurate to say that we must save our place on this planet. The planet will go on long after humans make it inhospitable to ourselves and we make ourselves extinct. Sooner or later we will pay the same price to preserve what remains as we would have had to pay to keep what we had.`` (David Ramjohn, CEO of AlgEternal)

AlgEternal Business Model

1- Strain Selection

AlgEternal selects strains that have optimal traits for the desired product.  Selecting the right algal strain means the difference between success and failure for achieving the desired outcome for either product or service from the microalgae. AlgEternal recognizes that because microalgae are ubiquitous on the planet and their ecology is extremely diverse, we may find solutions to many human problems in these organisms’ natural biological mechanisms and products.

4- Harvesting biomass (OriginClear* harvester)

Decades of research on algae have identified “dewatering” of microalgae to be a critical constraint; no matter how dense you believe your culture to be, it is never more than 5-15% solids.  Getting your algae out of water can be the most time-consuming and costly aspect of production.  Our OriginClear technology effectively resolves this obstacle to commercial-scale production.

2- Laboratory-Scale Cultivation (Bench-scale VGM*)

AlgEternal focuses on first being able to cultivate selected microalgae strains in the laboratory.  The lab is where we perfect our understanding of the organisms’ life cycles, preferred environmental conditions, and optimal growth parameters.  We then take the lessons learned in the lab and scale them up to commercial production.

5- Commercial-Scale Extraction of High-value products

AlgEternal assesses commercial scale methods using mainstream technologies for extraction of desired products from algal biomass.  Our business model relies upon our ability to find existing technologies in other industries that can be easily applied to the microalgae biotechnology industry.  Our philosophy remains “Keep It Simple”, rather than pursue esoteric and novel methods unless absolutely necessary.  Innovation and Adaptation serve as the foundation for our commercial operations.

3- Commercial-Scale Cultivation VGM*

AlgEternal’s Crown Jewel, the patented Vertical Growth Module, allows us to produce microalgae, faster, cheaper, cleaner, and with fewer culture crashes than any other growth platform.  Not pursuing biofuels, our economic feasibility relies on much higher value products.  Commercial-scale cultivation remains perhaps the single greatest rate-determining step for any successful algae biotechnology company.  We have solved that problem and continue to improve our vanguard VGM technology.  No one else has our VGM.

6- Market to industry segments: Agro, Cosmetics, Nutritional

What’s the use of a product that has no market? Agtivate, our all-natural living microalgae-based soil amendment supplies an agriculture market that is projected to grow and increasingly demand natural soil stimulants. The skin care market for AlgAllure remains a vibrant and growing economic space with growing demands for natural skin therapies such as algal extracts. We build our sales and marketing strategies on independent scientific data and live testing that validate our products’ performance and efficacy and leverages multiple social media platforms and online presence to reach an increasingly aware consumer base.

The Future of Microalgae: Beyond Products to Real-World Applications

Carbon Capture and Use

The single greatest challenge facing humanity is Climate Change as a result of Global Warming. Carbon dioxide is known to be a major contributing factor to Global Warming. Microalgae can consume CO2 faster than any other photosynthesizing organism; we propose to pair microalgae cultivation with high-CO2 emitting industries, e.g. power generation, cement manufacturing, methanol production. This will create multiple benefits, including the reduction of CO2 in our atmosphere.

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Municipal Wastewater Treatment & Nutrient Recycling

Have you ever heard of “Peak Phosphate”? All chemical fertilizers have the basic chemical formula: N:P:K, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium.  Planet Earth has a finite amount of Phosphorous, in the form of mineral deposits of Phosphate.  Phosphate cannot be synthesized.  We use significant amounts of phosphates in fertilizers, most of which gets washed away from the soil, and the rest ends up in human waste that goes to municipal wastewater treatment plants.  Unfortunately, the majority of wastewater treatment plants only treat for pathogens before releasing their effluent to the environment.  In essence, the large amounts of nutrients in wastewater, e.g. phosphates, is never recovered.  We plan to pair microalgae with wastewater treatment to recycle this critical nutrient, without which we will not be able to grow plants.

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Imagine being able to remove harmful contaminants from produced water in the oil and gas extraction industry.  Or being able to treat hydraulic fracturing flowback water to potable standards before discharge into the environment or being able to reinject treated effluent safely into geologic formations.  This is a very real application of microalgae that has been researched and will eventually be applied at commercial scale to yet again demonstrate these organisms’ amazing natural abilities to benefit humanity.

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Our Core Values

The essence of AlgEternal’s identity


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability to our investors, clients, partners and the public.


We advocate for and practice best sustainable practices in all our operations.


We practice generosity as a company and as individuals through the principles of Conscious Capitalism to elevate humanity.


We aim to provide the best service to our partners, clients, and the public.


No one works alone in our team; we share equally in the victories and the defeats.


Mimicking nature we find strength and resilience in diversity.


We apply creativity where science and technology are not enough.


We will be focused, determined and persistent in achieving our goals.


We will use disruption to drive growth in technology and processes, and create new markets.


Excellence shall be the hallmark of our technology, products and services.

Meet Our Team

Why Algae?

Human civilizations are driven essentially by three imperatives: Energy, Environment, and Economy. Human societies have developed and either flourished or perished according to their ability to access Energy, sustainably exploit their Environments, and build their Economy to provide the quality of life desired. This "triple-E" concept underlies all facets of human life and our interaction with the Planet we call home. Humans have increasingly relied on fossil hydrocarbons since the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, deriving significant benefits, yet incurring significant costs as a result of environmental impacts.

We intend to reduce human dependence on petroleum/fossil hydrocarbons and create sustainable economic activity resulting in a healthier planet and improved quality of life for all. We believe that algae are "THE SOLUTION", not "a" solution. Without algae, human beings would not be here; algae created the conditions necessary for our life form to inhabit this planet. Algae possess the ability to reverse many of the negative impacts we have created while allowing us to continue to have the quality of life to which we have grown accustomed. Of great significance is the potential for algae to alleviate issues facing humanity on a global scale, e.g. access to food, remediation of pollution, and balancing atmospheric greenhouse gases.

Ultimately, the only difference between living algae and fossil hydrocarbons is TIME, TEMPERATURE, and PRESSURE. We have exploited fossil hydrocarbons for over 200 years and have derived enormous benefits from their use; however, we cannot deny that their use and benefits often come with significant costs. The time has come for us to find another platform for economic activity, one that will be truly sustainable and one whose use will not make the planet become inhospitable to us. This alternative platform is none other than algae. AlgEternal will demonstrate to the world that this microorganism, in its myriad forms, can be successfully harnessed for the benefit of all humanity.

High-value products

“High-Value Products” does not refer to products that cost a lot of money, but rather to their value for applications to critical human challenges.  AlgEternal focuses on products and services from microalgae. Our first two offerings are Agtivate, a soil amendment, and AlgAllure, a skin care line containing an exopolysaccharide from a marine red algal strain.  As disparate as these two products might seem, they represent the first step towards commercialization and revenue, which remains critical to a startup company such as AlgEternal.

Sustainable long term economic activity

The idea of “sustainability” was first recorded in 1713 by the German Hans Carl von Carlowitz in his publication on sustainable forestry “Silvicultura Oeconomica” where he used the term “nachhaltigkeit“, which translates as “sustainability”.  Subsequently, the Brundtland Commission defined “sustainability” in 1987’s “Our Common Future”. John Elkington then coined the term “People, Planet, Profit” in 1994 now known as the Triple Bottom Line.  AlgEternal focuses on the most sustainable resource on the planet, microalgae, which can support our economic activity with zero negative effects on future generations.

High reproduction

Microalgae are among the fastest reproducing organisms on Earth, with some species reproducing every four hours.  Having become the base of the food web in every ecosystem in which they live, they basically out-grow every other organism in order to ensure their own survival.  We capitalize on this naturally selected trait to produce the algal biomass necessary for every imaginable application.

Great Agriculture Benefits

AlgEternal views soil as a natural resource, just as important as water and air. Our flagship product, Agtivate, returns soil to natural health. The premise is simple: soil without microbial life is dirt.  By adding our living blend of microalgae to your soil, you provide the natural primary producers that support ALL life in soils, e.g. bacteria, fungi, mycorrhizae, nematodes.  Microalgae are the photosynthetic layer that provides the bioactivity in soil that allows the entire microbial ecosystem to flourish.  Healthy Soils = Healthy Humans and Healthy Planet.

Decontaminate and recover/recycle valuable nutrients from wastewater

We can simultaneously lower wastewater treatment costs, improve decontamination with less chemical and energy inputs, and reduce instances of eutrophication in our surface water bodies that lead to algae blooming in response to our excessive use of fertilizers–all of this while recovering/recycling the finite nutrient resources available on our planet.  Microalgae oxygenate the wastewater through their photosynthetic mechanisms reducing the energy needed to aerate, they naturally coagulate or flocculate thereby reducing the need for chemical flocculants, they absorb contaminants from wastewater–including heavy metals, and they consume and sequester the nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates that would otherwise be lost.

Anything petroleum do, algae can do better.

The only difference between living microalgae and fossil fuels is TIME, TEMPERATURE, and PRESSURE. This means that microalgae has the same chemical composition as petroleum.  This fact has led to the search for biofuels from microalgae to replace fossil fuels.  AlgEternal believes this to be a futile effort and instead focuses on using microalgae to produce the other petrochemicals that represent a significantly more valuable and important market.  Imagine a truly sustainable platform for the manufacture of bioplastics, biofertilizers, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals, animal food, and superfoods for human consumption.  Imagine never having to extract fossil fuels in order to maintain the quality of life to which we have grown accustomed.  This is the potential of microalgae.


AlgEternal has selected the OriginClear* Algae Harvester as its primary technology for harvesting algae. One of the critical steps in the microalgae business is getting the algae out of the liquid medium in which they are grown.

The OriginClear* algae harvester gets microalgae out of liquid better than any other harvester we know. OriginClear's harvester can be operated either on a continuous or batch basis. This technology is fast, low energy, efficient, allows recycling of the culture media, harvests the algal cells without damage, and disinfects the media (removes pathogens). Most importantly, the OriginClear technology is chemical-free, using only electrical pulses combining electrocoagulation and electroflotation to remove microalgae from water.

People, Planet, Profit.

AlgEternal operates in the microalgae biotechnology industry to identify appropriate algae strains, cultivate and harvest algae, and extract valuable products with applications in human and animal nutrition, cosmetics, biomedical, and pharmaceuticals, enhanced food production, wastewater treatment, and carbon capture and utilization, to achieve triple bottom line benefits. AlgEternal has four (4) revenue streams in advanced stages of development:

  • Contract growing of algal biomass.
  • Microalgae based soil amendment.
  • Exopolysaccharides (EPS) for cosmetics and biomedical applications.
  • C-Phycocyanin (CPC) for foods, cosmetics, and biomedical applications.


Ready to work together?

We enjoy and appreciate communication, If you want to learn more about us, our products or just share your algae needs or experience with us then drop us a line.



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We proudly introduce AlgEternal’s brands and products. Agtivate™ is a blend of LIVING microalgae that effectively reconditions damaged soils: we offer a cure, not a treatment!



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