Hi everyone, and welcome to AlgEternal Technologies, LLC.  We are an algae biotechnology company pursuing several verticals in the microalgae industry.  Our first two verticals are in 1) the human skin care and 2) the soil amendment sectors.  We plan to grow and evolve and build capacity to manufacture nutritional products, cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and many more useful products from microalgae.  But much more than these, we intend to be a company that offers not just products from microalgae but also critical ecosystem services such as wastewater treatment, nutrient recycling, and carbon dioxide capture and use.

Born and raised in Fayette County, Texas, we believe that microalgae hold the key to sustainability and to having this planet remain hospitable to humans.  Visit us often to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.  Our Core Philosophies and Core Values revolve around three concepts: The Circular Economy; Conscious Capitalism; and Ecocentric Profits.  We will explore and explain these concepts in detail in subsequent blogs but for now suffice it to say that we know that humans cannot continue their current patterns of consumption and production if we are to ensure that future generations can survive.  Thanks for stopping by and do come again to learn more about us and these amazing organisms, algae.

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