Why Algae

Why Algae?

Human civilizations are driven essentially by three imperatives: Energy, Environment, and Economy. Human societies have developed and either flourished or perished according to their ability to access Energy, sustainably exploit their Environments, and build their Economy to provide the quality of life desired. This "triple-E" concept underlies all facets of human life and our interaction with the Planet we call home. Humans have increasingly relied on fossil hydrocarbons since the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, deriving significant benefits, yet incurring significant costs as a result of environmental impacts.

We intend to reduce human dependence on petroleum/fossil hydrocarbons and create sustainable economic activity resulting in a healthier planet and improved quality of life for all. We believe that algae are "THE SOLUTION", not "a" solution. Without algae, human beings would not be here; algae created the conditions necessary for our life form to inhabit this planet. Algae possess the ability to reverse many of the negative impacts we have created while allowing us to continue to have the quality of life to which we have grown accustomed. Of great significance is the potential for algae to alleviate issues facing humanity on a global scale, e.g. access to food, remediation of pollution, and balancing atmospheric greenhouse gases.

Ultimately, the only difference between living algae and fossil hydrocarbons is TIME, TEMPERATURE, and PRESSURE. We have exploited fossil hydrocarbons for over 200 years and have derived enormous benefits from their use; however, we cannot deny that their use and benefits often come with significant costs. The time has come for us to find another platform for economic activity, one that will be truly sustainable and one whose use will not make the planet become inhospitable to us. This alternative platform is none other than algae. AlgEternal will demonstrate to the world that this microorganism, in its myriad forms, can be successfully harnessed for the benefit of all humanity.

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AlgEternal has selected the OriginClear* Algae Harvester as its primary technology for harvesting algae. One of the critical steps in the microalgae business is getting the algae out of the liquid medium in which they are grown.

The OriginClear* algae harvester gets microalgae out of liquid better than any other harvester we know. OriginClear's harvester can be operated either on a continuous or batch basis. This technology is fast, low energy, efficient, allows recycling of the culture media, harvests the algal cells without damage, and disinfects the media (removes pathogens). Most importantly, the OriginClear technology is chemical-free, using only electrical pulses combining electrocoagulation and electroflotation to remove microalgae from water.

People, Planet, Profit.

AlgEternal operates in the microalgae biotechnology industry to identify appropriate algae strains, cultivate and harvest algae, and extract valuable products with applications in human and animal nutrition, cosmetics, biomedical, and pharmaceuticals, enhanced food production, wastewater treatment, and carbon capture and utilization, to achieve triple bottom line benefits. AlgEternal has four (4) revenue streams in advanced stages of development:

  • Contract growing of algal biomass.
  • Microalgae based soil amendment.
  • Exopolysaccharides (EPS) for cosmetics and biomedical applications.
  • C-Phycocyanin (CPC) for foods, cosmetics, and biomedical applications.


Why Algae